Did you know that you can receive exclusive content and activities? With your subscription, you can receive full access to all courses, games, and our amazing activities! This option is best if you do not have any Arabic background and want to take learning Arabic seriously.


If you have a fair knowledge of Arabic language and not sure if this is best for you, take the time to discover FunArabic and enjoy some of our free materials. You will be able to decide then if FunArabic will be your program to further strengthen your Arabic level.


If you still feel like you require assistance and you need that individual and unique learning experience, our tutoring option is the best option for you. We offer a one-on-one or a group session. Tutoring encourages positive self-paced and self-directed learning.
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How is Arabic More FUN with Ranya?

The Fun Arabic Program was founded with the goal of sharing a whole new vision for learning Arabic. That vision dissects the wonderful and diverse world of learning, taking deep dives into various relevant styles of learning Arabic that will help reverse the false stereotype about Arabic language and reveal its beauty and magic to the whole world.  Our belief is that human beings have limitless potential; our pursuit of that potential is through the systematic implementation of individualized education for children to learn Arabic independently. This is the core of my program. We strive to combine joyful experiences of creative material and hands-on learning to watch our little ones progress and thrive on their own. This is accomplished through an array of learning styles; from structured step-by-step lessons to online games, videos, printable worksheets, educational toys, stories, songs, one-on-one tutoring, and everything in between.

So because Arabic is a beautiful, joyful, and magical language, you will witness my diverse, creative and limitless styles of teaching you Arabic independently that will homogeneously suit your individual level and needs, which will create that FUN experience, In shaa Allah ان شاء الله!

Why Choose the Fun Arabic Program

We aspire to be your companion throughout your journey of learning Arabic while enlightening your path with joy, fun, and excitement! We want to ease your pursuit of learning, so you can ultimately read the glorious book of Allah – Al Quran al Kareem with ease.

No matter your age, background, knowledge, or place in the world, you will be able to learn Arabic independently, excitedly, with confidence, and minimal time.  Our program is designed so you spend 15 minutes (a day) learning, and this will do magic for you! You will be provided with the tools to develop your skills, have fun, and help you reach your full potential.

These values are always implemented in our program: Creativity, Fun, Simplicity, Diversity, Love,  Ihsan (احسان), and Itqan اتقان)).  Ihsan provides you with the best of the best and Itqan delivers it with mastery and perfection.

Our Activities

We offer, through the site, many activities and interesting educational tools for the Arabic language, which consist of the following