Fun Arabic Letters Book



Fun Arabic Letters Book

“Fun Arabic Letters” is a perfect workbook for children to learn how to write Arabic letters easily. There are 116 exercise pages to help you or your child to learn how to write Arabic letters perfectly with the vocabulary associated with the letter. This workbook can also be used by adults of all ages who are interested in learning Arabic.

Inside this workbook, children will discover vibrant illustrations that captivate their imagination while they learn. There are four pages dedicated to each letter of the 28 alphabets. The delightful illustrations and entertaining activities in “Fun Arabic Letters” foster a love for the Arabic language and promote early reading skills.

Four pages for each letter include:
✓ page 1 – to identify the letter with a word that begins with it, and an image about the word.
✓ page 2 – to learn about that letter in different positions in a word, in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of a word, with four words example.
✓ page 3 – to trace a large size of the letter to enhance their fine motor skills and develop solid understanding of the rules of writing in Arabic.
✓ page 4 – to trace and write a smaller size of the letter to enhance their fine motor skills.




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